Contact Lenses

contactlensesAt Focused Eye Care we utilize and fit all brands and types of contact lenses. We want to provide our patients with affordable options and as such we set our pricing close to, if not the same in many cases as the internet contact lens companies to make it more convenient for you to order at the same time as your appointment or after. You can even order online through our link below.

Almost everyone can wear contact lenses. If you haven’t considered it before, maybe now is the time. Soft contact lenses are very comfortable and readily available to try in the office on the day of your exam. Most are disposable at different time intervals. Daily disposable lenses are becoming more popular in recent years. These are ideal for part-time wearers and for sports and can be thrown out after one use. Colored contacts can be worn for special occasions or full-time giving you the look you want. Multifocal contacts may eliminate the need for those "cheaters" while giving you clear vision both far and near. Rigid contacts are great for people with high astigmatism and for those that have been told they can’t wear contacts in the past.

Prosthetic contact lenses can also be made for people who have experienced trauma or degeneration to the front of the eye which may have caused scarring or a dislocated pupil. These lenses will not improve vision but can give the eye a natural look to match the other eye improving cosmetic appearance and any emotional stress associated with the scarring, degeneration, or even congenital abnormalities.

To set up online contact lens ordering, call Focused Eye Care at (952) 985-6467. To order more contact lenses please follow the link below:

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