Emergency Eye Care Specialist

Whether it’s a scratch or a chemical burn, hurting your eyes can lead to permanent damage or, in some cases, even blindness. Dr. Joel Sollom and Dr. Jonathan Schorn have years of experience dealing with emergency eye care injuries and they can help you, too. Located in Lakeville, and serving the surrounding areas of Apple Valley, Farmington and Rosemount, Minnesota, these optometrists provide a range of triage and emergency services, including the removal foreign objects. If you’re in need of emergency eye care, contact them at Focused Eye Care today.

Emergency Eye Care

What is emergency eye care?

Emergency eye care occurs whenever there is an unexpected issue with your eyes. Most often, emergency eye care is needed when a foreign object or chemical irritant is in your eye. You also may seek emergency eye care if you have an injury or burn near your eye or that affects your vision.

Emergency eye care is needed if you experience:

  • Sudden vision loss
  • Decreased vision
  • Double vision
  • Different sized pupils
  • Eye bleeding

My son got a small piece of wood in his eye. We were sent to focused eye care by the medical center. They got us right in and within 10 minutes we were on our way home.

Matt C.

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What should you do after injuring your eye?

If you’ve experienced an eye injury, it’s important to follow proper protocol. If there are changes to your vision, seek professional medical help as soon as possible. Don’t attempt to treat yourself, as certain conditions may need immediate assistance to protect your eye and vision.

Regardless of the severity of your eye injury, there are specific things you should avoid, including:

  • Rubbing your eye
  • Removing foreign objects
  • Using tweezers near your eye
  • Placing ointments in your eye
  • Removing contact lenses

Before doing any of these, contact your optometrist at Focused Eye Care to discuss your situation.

What should you do when you have something in your eye?

If there’s a foreign object in your eye, it can cause irritation, pain, and watering. In some cases, it may damage your eye or impact your vision.

When you think there may be something in your eye, try blinking to see if that removes the foreign object. Be sure not to rub your eye, as this can lead to scratches or cuts. If blinking doesn’t relieve your discomfort, wash your hands, then gently look in your eye to see if you can locate the object. Look behind both your upper and lower lid.

If you see something stuck on your eyelid or eye, gently flush it with cool water. If this doesn’t work, contact Focused Eye Care as soon as possible.

If the object is metal or glass, or entered your eye at high speed, don’t attempt to remove it on your own. Seek immediate medical help. Try to keep your eye as still as possible. If you can, cover your eyes with a clean cloth.

When you need emergency eye care, contact Dr. Sollom and Dr. Schorn at Focused Eye Care immediately. Call us at 952-985-6467 to schedule your appointment now.